Happy 3rd Birthday Violy!

Dear Violet,

Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Girl! I guess I’m going to have to stop calling you that now, because you are far from a baby these days! I find it hard to believe you are 3 today…but when I think about how much you’ve grown since your last birthday, It’s crazy what a big girl you’ve grown into!

Since your 2nd birthday a lot has changed! For one thing, you became a big sister! Ivy was born almost born 3 months and 4 days after you last birthday, and the two of you have been as thick as thieves since then! You love to kiss her head, and pat her bottom, and are constantly making her laugh. The two of you chat and giggle together constantly, and you affectionately refer to her as ‘Googie’. When Ivy wakes from a nap, you’ll put on your high-pitched Mama voice and say “Good Morning Googie! Hello Googie! Awwww Googie!!!” You’ll then announce to me from across the room ‘MAMAAAA! IVY AWAKE!!!!’ It’s pretty darn cute and I never get sick of hearing it.

As well as getting a new sister, you also got a new house! Mummy & Daddy finally got their act together and bought your ‘forever home’ at the beach. It took a little while for you to understand that we’d left the only home you’d ever known in Brisbane and moved to the Gold Coast, but your love for the sun, sand and sea quickly won you over and you regularly tell me you love this house, which makes us so happy.

And as if all of that wasn’t enough, you also started going to daycare for the first time. I realised that you were too smart and busy to be hanging out at home with me everyday, and with Ivy coming along that became even more apparent! At first we weren’t sure how you’d go, but you handled it like a pro and 6 months in you’re still smiling when we wave goodbye to you. Today you helped me make cupcakes with sprinkles on them to take into Kindy to celebrate your birthday with your friends. You got to sit with your besties Edith & Neve while you wore the Birthday hat and everyone sang happy birthday to you.

This year you’re having a big birthday party at home too! It will be Circus themed (cos you love the circus) and all of your family, cousins and friends will be there! We’ve also got a clown coming and lots of yummy food including popcorn cupcakes, dagwood dogs and toffee apples which I know you’ll love.


Getting ready for your party


Getting ready for your party


Popcorn cupcakes 🙂

You’ve grown up into such a sweet, funny smart little girl and you are always surprising us. You love to help Mummy cook and clean and you love to help Daddy build things or just play games with him. You have a wicked sense of humour and you also have a strong stubborn streak that as difficult as it makes my life now, I know it will hold you in good stead when you’re a high profile lawyer or something equally important when you’re an adult!

Here’s a little snippet of Violet the 3 year old:

  • You still love your food, but your fave is Sushi! It’s your go-to treat. You also love burgers.
  • Every day you ask to dress like a ballerina…you love ballerina dresses/skirts/shoes and insist on pig tails in your hair.
  • You love to dance! you also love to colour-in, play with play-doh, and will spend hours a day playing with your dolls, Shopkins, your pretend kitchen and your farm animals.
  • You love picnics, and puppy dogs, and koala’s.
  • You adore Emma from the Wiggles (cos she’s a ballerina)
  • Your best friends are Edith & Neve, as well as your Sissy.

Happy Birthday Violet Mae, I hope you enjoy your special day and know how much we all love you!

xo Mama

My little Ivy is 5 Months Old

Ivy is 5 Months old!

Dear Ivy,

Hey Baby Girl! Today you are 5 months old…WHAAAAT?! I can’t really believe it! You’re growing up so fast so I thought it was time we sat down and told you how special you are.

Today was the first day you tried solid food.  I gave you the most beautiful avocado to try, it cost me $3.50 so it’d wanna be a good one too! You seemed more excited by the spoon than the avo to be honest, but you gave it a good crack and seemed to have fun so we’ll have another go tomorrow!

You are still a very easy-going baby, and you never whinge or ask for anything other than a feed or a cuddle.  Sometimes you cry because your big sister likes to lay on top of you, and you’re not a big fan of that manoeuvre but you will generally tolerate it for a little while because you love having your sister close to you. She also puts her feet in your face and is constantly waking you up from your sleep, but you know that if you pull her hair hard enough she’ll leave you alone.

You always smile whenever your big Sis comes near you.  She’s very funny and likes to make you laugh.  She’s dubbed you ‘Doo-Doo’ and likes to talk to you in a high pitched voice just like Mama does. She tells me that you’re her best friend and I have no doubt that as the two of you grow that won’t change as you already have a strong bond with your Sissy. Just a few nights ago we were trying to get Violet to go to sleep in her big girl bed and she was crying wouldn’t stop.  Even though you very rarely cry, you could here Violy in the next room and every time she cried, you cried too. We couldn’t do anything to settle or comfort you, but when Violy eventually calmed down, so did you!

Ivy Drink Bottle

You are the most beautiful baby, and whilst you look a lot like your sister in many ways (especially when you smile) you are very much your own person. You like to be involved in whatever is going around you, and you smile at anyone and everyone. When you get really excited, you make a loud screeching sound. It’s such a shocking and unexpected from such a sweet little baby, however it always makes us laugh and can only be likened to the sound that a Pterodactyl might make!

You have the longest arms and you like to swing them about which is seriously cute. You’re also our ‘tall’ baby and I expect it won’t be long before you pass your big sister in the height department as she’s at the bottom of the scale and you’re at the top! You look a lot like your Mama, and you have your great-grandfather’s eye shape just like your sister.  You have the most stunning beautiful blue eyes and people constantly stop us to comment on how lovely you are. When you smile, you look just like your Dadda so you’re a beautiful genetic mix that’s for sure!

You’ve slotted into our little family so easily and you are a true joy to be around. I cannot believe you are already trying to sit up and crawl and that my little baby is not so little anymore! Luckily you’re still small enough to want your Mama’s cuddles and can’t tell me to stop kissing your face yet.

Thank you for being such an easy, low maintenance baby, and for making us all so happy! I dare say that you’re sweet nature and good temperament will be enough for Mama to convince Daddy that we should eventually have a third! (Good Girl!)

Ivy 5 Months old

Happy 5 Months Ivy Merle: Beautiful girl!

We love you times infinity.

x Mama

One of those days…..

Today was such a fun day to be a Mama to a toddler and a newborn. Here’s a little insight into the day I’ve had for those of you playing at home:
Went to the post office: Toddler pulled the pram over on top of herself whilst swinging on it. (Thankfully baby wasn’t in it at the time). Elderly people helpfully suggested I don’t let her swing on the pram in future. Yep, thanks for that.
Went to get a much needed coffee at cafe: Waited in front of cash register to order. Lady behind counter went on to serve person in line behind me. Too angry to speak up for fear of what might come out of my mouth. Eventually got served and coffee tasted like shit. Well worth the effort!
Took toddler to Library in an attempt to have a fun outing. Toddler spent the whole time trying to escape, throwing books, jumping on books, then shit her nappy. Smell was so offensive we had to evacuate. Threw worlds biggest screaming fit when trying to leave.

Realised it was past lunch time and perhaps we were all just hungry. No way was I getting those kids outta the car so stopped at KFC drive through and requested a kids meal. ‘Popcorn chicken’ was suggested. Toddler heard this and sounded thrilled so I ordered it. Upon receiving popcorn chicken, toddler WAS NOT thrilled. Apparently she thought she was getting popcorn AND chicken. Cue screaming/crying and refusal to eat box of deceptive popcorn/chicken. Preferred to eat my burger instead.

Got home to find parcels at my door. Yay! Had ordered a pair of togs suitable for a recently-given-birth mother who refuses to wear Nanna swimwear but had just bought a house at the beach. Despite claims of ‘control’ mechanisms around the stomach and them being a ‘flattering’ design, turns out they fulfilled neither promise and were instead both too big, too small and instead of slimming my post-baby body made me look like I was due to give birth any day. Not bad for $80 on sale huh? Guess I’ll be skipping summer this year.

Went outside to check on toddler who was playing quietly in cubby house. Found cubby house was being re-decorated with a tube of toothpaste. Toddler was also covered in toothpaste or ‘paint’ as she called it. Tried to discipline toddler by sending her to her room. She replied with a stern voice ‘NO MUMMY! You go to YOUR ROOM!’.


Dont mind if I do actually….

Isn’t being a Mum just the best job in the world? Have you had one of those days too?

Pass the wine please…..

Congratulations! You’re (not) Pregnant!

Pregnant...not loving it!

This is me, pregnant in 2013. I’m literally re-enacting a ‘beached whale’ scenario. Note that I’m not glowing, or drinking wine, or eating soft cheese.

Ever since Violet was born, I’ve been excited about having more kids. Now that she’s all toddler-y and not my squishy baby anymore, it’s gotten worse. So much so that I’m now ready for a fresh one! Hoorah! Right? Actually…no.

When I told Trav I was ready for another baby his head ‘literally’ spun on it’s axis.  He wasn’t ready…and he wasn’t sure he could ever go through that again…you know, cos child birth is just so painful and difficult for men! (Don’t go there boyfriend!!!). Being the wonderful wife that I am, I promised I’d support him and take on the majority of the pregnancy so that he didn’t have to stress, and eventually he relented and agreed that it was time to expand our brood.

So that was it. We’d decided to have another baby! But it turns out that it can take a while to get pregga’s! (not our experience with Violet, she was a Honeymoon baby: One of the dangers of too much rum in the Caribbean). So anyways, the more time I had to think about it, the more I realised that maybe in the meantime there were some benefits to not being pregnant that I hadn’t really considered!

Since I’d only stopped breast-feeding Violet a few months ago, it occurred to me that this is the first time in the last two years or so that I’ve been able to enjoy all the things that I’d given up whilst pregnant/breastfeeding.  So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I’ve decided to change my tune and try to really make the most of all those things that I’ve been missing out on.

Even Kim Kardashian wasn't safe from the attack of sausage toes!

Even Kim Kardashian wasn’t safe from the attack of sausage toes!

So here’s my list of reasons why I’m ok with not being pregnant right now:

Reason’s to rejoice that you’re NOT Pregnant!

  1. You can eat soft cheeses.  Brie, Camembert…you know, the good stuff! This was potentially the thing I missed most when I was pregnant.
  2. If you get a cold, you can take cold and flu tablets! I feel like I had at least 3 colds while I was pregnant, and it was HELL! No amount of tea, or lemon, or honey makes you feel better! You need drugs and maybe some chicken soup. (But mostly drugs).
  3. You can get a massage any ol’ time you want.  Seems ironic that when your body is at its most uncomfortable, that it’s near impossible to get a massage! Yes, there are places that do pregnancy massage it, but even if find somewhere that does, the odds are against you enjoying it: Your boobs hurt, you need to pee, you can’t get comfortable, you need to pee again….Mmmm I’m so relaxed!
  4. You can go on roller coasters. Ok, this one is just because I like to have the freedom to visit a theme park if I want to, and be able to enjoy all that it has to offer! Pregnant? Great, you can everyone’s stuff while they have the time of their lives.
  5. You can drink the good stuff. Have a big ol’ glass of wine/beer/vodka/goon because even if you’re not a big drinker, you’ll miss it! I used to walk around smelling people’s drinks when I was pregnant. Sad. but true…! And I’m not even a daily drinker!
  6. You can inject caffeine into your eyeballs if you feel like it.  I was never a big coffee drinker but it’s pretty much all I wanted once I knew I couldn’t have it. These days, it’s a necessary evil that counteracts the sleep deprived stupor that I’m often in. I know the next pregnancy will be tough without my daily fix!
  7. You can go out in public without fear of vomiting.  I famously threw up at a bus stop during peak hour when I was pregnant.  It was witnessed by about 30 other commuters waiting at the bus stop, and another 3 bus loads of people who were also watching on in horror.  I managed to catch most of it in a shopping bag, but let’s just say I did not catch the bus that day. Or ever again!
  8. When you sneeze, you don’t wet yourself. Enough said really.
  9. When you laugh, you don’t wet yourself. Nothing funny about weeing your pants people!
  10. You can wear normal clothing and not have to wrap yourself in a tarpaulin and pretend that you love said tarpaulin and would totally wear it even if you weren’t pregnant (You wouldn’t).
  11. You can bleach your hair, remove your nail polish with acetone, and have scaldingly hot baths, and not be in a constant state of terror that you’re harming your unborn child.
  12. You can endure the smell of cooking meat. In fact, you can endure the smell of just about anything! Yippee!
  13. You can stay awake during the day I had a micro-nap during a work meeting once. It wasn’t awkward until I woke up. No one said a word.
  14. You can watch a movie without crying. Not just a sad movie, but Despicable Me 2! (I bawled through the whole thing)
  15. You can wear a nice, normal bra instead of a heavy-duty double hammock that creaks under the strain.
  16. You can exercise (apparently you can still exercise whilst pregnant, but seriously…as if)
  17. You can eat a packet of Twisties (or other junk-food snack of choice) and not worry that your baby will turn into a mutant from all the colours/preservatives/god knows what else (To be fair, by the end of the pregnancy my desire for Twists over-rode that fear). And they were delicious!
  18. You can enjoy Christmas. Straight up: Christmas whilst pregnant is the worst. You can’t eat fresh ham off the bone, you can’t eat left-overs for fear of food-poisoning, you can’t drink….Oh, and anything delicious that you can eat will most likely give you heart burn for days. Also, there will be photo’s of you dressed in some god-awful sack and a santa hat for you to look back on and remember how shit you looked/felt. Merry Christmas!
  19. Being able to sleep on your back, front and your right side! 
  20. Being able to sleep….FULL STOP! 
  21. Strangers don’t feel the need to grope your belly in public whilst looking you in the eyes and saying things like ‘You’re looking radiant!’. Shut the fuck up. I’m not looking radiant, I’m just looking flushed from vomiting all morning!
  22. Strangers won’t ask you annoying questions like ‘How far along are you?’ ‘Do you know the sex?’ ‘Is this your first?’ ‘Were you always this fat?’.
  23. Your ankles don’t look like tree trunks.
  24. Your shoes fit. Nothing like having swollen sausages instead of toes poking out the end of your sandals. How sexy!
  25. You don’t have to push a baby out of your Vagina in 9 months. No explanation needed!


So there you have it! 25 reasons why I’m stoked to be me right now! I plan to make the most of the many perks that non-pregnancy brings whilst I can. I mean, who knows how long it will be before I morph back into that vomiting, demon-possessed chick from the Exorcist that I become whilst I’m pregnant?!

That’s my list….Now tell me: What would you add?

Throwback Thursday: When Marney met Trav

Happy Thursday Everyone!  It’s my second wedding anniversary on Friday (Naww!) and I’m planning to do a post on our lovely New York wedding to share with you all later, but first, I thought it was only polite to introduce you to Trav. He’s the bloke I’m momentarily neglecting to indulge in my new found hobby of blogging! So this little ‘Throwback Thursday’ post is dedicated to you my love! I think you’ll find I’ve painted you in a very positive light 😉

The year was 2006. Cars had just been introduced and the horse and carriage was slowly being phased out. There was also a brand new internet-based platform called MySpace sweeping the globe. All the cool kids had their own MySpace page that listed their favourite bands, friends, messages, etc. (It was the first Facebook, but MUCH cooler).  Mandatory to each MySpace page was a music player that blared your favourite song whenever someone landed on your page (My original song was by the Custom Kings, ‘Spin My Thread’).  I was still of an age where I was attending festivals and concerts and watching dodgy bands in seedy gig venues and music was like, totally my life, you know?

Marney's MySpace Profile Pic

This was my original MySpace profile pic. I know what you’re thinking – I haven’t aged a day since 2006. Thanks for saying so!

Anyways, I can’t remember exactly how Trav and I came across each other’s Myspace pages, but I do remember his profile picture quite clearly.  Trav was in Mexico, dressed in a sombrero and bad moustache, riding a donkey.  (Don’t believe me? evidence below!) I mean seriously, I know what you’re thinking: What girl could resist a stranger on the internet dressed like a dodgy Mexican? Clearly not this girl! Anyways, we chatted online regularly and bonded over our shared loves: music, sarcasm and hamburger recipes (or “HB recipes” as Trav referred to them: Trav loves a good abbreviation, and this obsession continues to this day. I’ll share more of those in a later post).

This was Trav's MySpace profile pic.  I know, right ladies?!

This was Trav’s MySpace profile pic. See what I mean? Irresistible!

Anywho, a few months later I was in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast to see a band at another classy establishment (The Cooly Hotel). Trav just happened to live up the road at the time so he came down to the Pub and we met in person for the first time.  What can I say, I saw him standing there from across the room. I was disappointed he wasn’t wearing the moustache and sombrero, and there wasn’t a donkey in sight.  Still, he was cute, and funny, and had a big tattoo on his arm, so when he offered to take me for some Macca’s drive-thru, I would’ve been crazy to say no, right?

From that moment on, we were pretty much inseparable. We bonded over our mutual likes: Hamburgers, Red Tulip Easter Eggs (or ‘RTEs’ – as Trav called them), Music (he introduced me to all the emo stuff, I introduced him to all the bluesy/rootsy stuff) and the beach.  We also bonded over our mutual hatred for seafood. Seriously, it was like a match made in heaven!

Our first date was at a pizza joint called Pancho’s (side note: The donkey in Trav’s profile pic was called Pancho! Fate much?!).  It was a little bit weird as we were friends first before dating, so we were both doing our best to act cool when Trav asked if he could take a photo of me at dinner. (Sorry, what?) He then explained that it was because his sister had text him and asked for a photo of me. Oh, well in that case, snap away! (WTF?) Now that I know his sister it totally makes sense (She’s hilarious and has no boundaries when it comes to this stuff!).  Then, to make things even more romantic, I thought I’d show off my sarcastic side by asking Trav where he’d bought his plaid shirt (which was actually very cool) and whether he’d borrowed it from his Dad.  Apparently he didnt think that was funny, and he still brings that comment up to this day.

Another of our first dates involved us watching a movie together. I got to pick, and Trav still names ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ as one of his all-time favourite movies!  I knew any guy who could sit through such a movie and feign interest was a keeper, and you’ll be pleased to know that I still insist on him sitting through tragic Rom Coms to this day, however he no longer feigns interest.

Perhaps one of my favourite early memories of us was when Trav and I were hanging out in his room, and I told him how impressed I was with the way he’d styled his bedroom. It was neat and organised, and looked like something out of a cool interiors magazine.  He started to explain some of the cool nick-hacks and objects he’d picked up on his travels, and showed me this fancy shelf-thing that was holding some of his DVD’s on the wall.

I still clearly remember how he sauntered over to the shelf and was explaining the difficulties involved in hanging it correctly. He proudly boasted that he’d managed to hang it all on his own. Literally, at that very moment, that shelf slid sharply to the right on the wall. The DVD’s went sliding off the wall. At that moment, Trav looked at me for a split-second, and then the entire shelf came crashing down to the floor on top of his DVD’s.  I lost it! It was like the whole thing had been staged. I probably laughed for about 3 days. (I actually LOL’d as I typed this). Poor Trav later explained to me that the shelf in question had actually been on the wall for like a year, with no sign of movement or issue. That story still makes me laugh to this day.

Trav taking me to a Rockabilly concert.  Let's just say I kind of stood out in my bright yellow peasant top.

Trav taking me to my first Rockabilly concert. Let’s just say I kind of stood out in my bright yellow peasant top…I haven’t been to another Rockabilly concert since.

Seven-ish years later not much has changed.  Trav is still making me laugh everyday. He’s still got his own sense of style and still abbreviates things just to be annoying. Oh, and he still puts stuff up on the walls that falls down sometimes.

Isn’t it crazy how quickly the years fly by!?  Do you remember what you were doing in 2006? Perhaps you were you also dating dodgy Mexican-dressed men you’d stumbled across on the internet?

xo Marns
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