About Marns

Marns Palm Trees


I’m Marns (aka Marney) and this is totally my blog. Here’s some stuff about me that you might like to know:

I like sarcasm, warm weather, food (cooking it, eating it; Italian’s my fave!) travel, the tropics, and pineapples. I’m really not a fan of seafood, exercise, winter, or people telling me what to do.

I live on the Sunny Gold Coast in QLD but spent my wayward youth in the banana country in Far North Queensland.  I miss the the slower pace of FNQ and the casualness of the locals there, but we’ve recently made a sea-change and moved from the ‘burbs in Brisbane to Bilinga on the Southern Gold Coast, and I’m excited to begin spending my days sun-baking topless and drinking mojito’s on a Monday (cos that’s what a SAHM with a newborn and a toddler does with her days, right?!)

I own and run my own business called Pineapple Traders. It’s an online children’s boutique that I started after being made redundant during Maternity leave. It’s my pride and joy so if you’re in the market for some cute kids stuff, come and see me!

I’m married to Trav.  He likes horror movies, the beach, Starbucks and any kind of Apple product (the brand, NOT the fruit!). He isn’t however a fan of lettuce,  fancy restaurants, spiders or seafood.

I’m Mama to two girls: Violet the toddler who loves the Wiggles (EMMA!), doing ballet, any kind of animal, Sponge Bob Squarepants and her fave food is pizza. She dislikes bugs, stinky things, and being told to get in the bath. Her little sister Ivy the newborn loves eating, sleeping, and staring dreamily into her mothers eyes.  So far her only known dislike is getting her gear off and having her nappy changed, but we forgive her for that.

I hope you enjoy hangin out here with me!  If you have any questions or wanna tell me something important, funny, or nonsensical, I’d love to hear it! just use the contact form below or email me at marnsthemama@outlook.com I’m really quite friendly and approachable

xo Marns

Mars the Mama collage

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