I Totally Baked! (Christmas Crackle Puddings)

Anyone who knows me knows that baking isn’t my strong point however when I heard two of my fave foodie bloggers Lauren from Create Bake Make and Lucy from Bake Play Smile had put together a recipe E-book filled with sweet delectable Christmas recipes, I knew that I HAD to buy one!  Don’t get me wrong, I love eating delicious Christmas treats, but I’m not a precise baker so my cakes/tarts/biscuits rarely turn out edible due to me ‘guesstimating’ what a cup of flower is and ‘improvising’ by using brown sugar instead of caster sugar….you get the idea!

Christmas Crackle Puddings

A cracker of a Crackle, if I do say so myself!

So Imagine my surprise when I attempted to make these gorgeous little Christmas Crackle Puddings and they actually worked, AND looked quite good too! (In my own, very modest opinion!).  Like always, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly and I took my own liberties when it came to decorating my little puddings (Ie: One M&M per pudding simply wasn’t enough, and those little silver balls that I added were just sitting in my pantry begging to be strewn across the top of one of these bad boys!) but they were so simple to make, even I couldn’t stuff it up!

In fact,these little Puds turned out so well, I was actually able to take them to a Christmas BBQ and openly admit that I’d made them myself! A few people didn’t believe that they were mine….yep, they were that good! Not only that,they were all gobbled up so quickly that I wasn’t left with that awkward moment where you have to take your sad little creations home with you. Worst walk of shame EVER! Lucky for me, for once in my life I got to strut back to my car, empty platter in hand feeling all accomplished and up-myself. And that, my friends, is what Christmas baking is all about!

If you’ve still got Christmas baking to do, I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of this little Christmas Recipe E-book so you too can be all smug and up-yourself at the next Christmas family gathering! If you’d like to win one I’m currently giving a copy away over at Pineapple Traders so pop over and enter for your chance to WIN!

The E-book I keep carrying on about!

This is the recipe E-book I keep going on about!

Tell me: What’s your favourite thing to make/eat at Christmas time?


2 thoughts on “I Totally Baked! (Christmas Crackle Puddings)

  1. They look ace, Marns! This year it’s all about the gingerbread and I’m in the final part of my gingerbread trilogy this week; first there was the house, then there was the tree, and now there are the reindeer. I’ve been in quite the baking frenzy and am looking forward to giving myself and the oven a rest after yuletide. I agree, Lucy and Lauren are baking geniuses and their book is all kinds of awesome!


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