What’s for Dinner? (Disaster)

I decided I was going to make Spaghetti Bolognaise for dinner tonight. The last few days have been kinda rough so I wanted to make a family favourite that we could all sit down and enjoy with smiles on our faces and pasta in our guts.

Everybody knows that you don’t need to be a chef to make a good Spag Bol. In fact, it’s usually the staple dish that most pimply-faced teenagers perfect when they’ve been forced to move out of home. So keeping that in mind, plus the fact that I make mine in the Thermomix meaning that I don’t even have to chop or stir it, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I had this one in the bag. Turns out, despite me having made this dish a gazillion times in the past…tonight’s version went a little awry.

First, I put all the veggie ingredients in the Thermomix and blitzed them so that my adult child (aka hubby) couldn’t taste the celery and carrot. I then added the mince, seasoning and spices and cooked the whole lot for 10 mins. While this was happening I got my Multitasking-Mama on and cleaned the kitchen, tidied away some  toys and marvelled at my own superwoman skills to get shit done. I’m amazing!

After finishing up with a few wipes of the kitchen counter, I heard the familiar Thermo beep and methodically went to add the remaining ingredients to the sauce.  As I was doing so, I glanced over to see the Un-opened packet of mince still sitting on the bench top. Farrrrk! Turns out I’d forgotten to put meat, also known as the staple ingredient. into my Spag Bol sauce.

For some people, this would have been enough to make them throw in the tea-towel and just get Chinese.  Not this gal! I’d had the week from hell and I was TOTES going to turn it around!  I filled the saucepan with water and went to put it on the boil.  As I did, I underestimated the weight of the saucepan and/or the strength of my wrist and instead poured the water all over my kitchen floor. Cue more expletives. It’s cool. I got this. I mopped up the water, added more to the saucepan, popped it on stove, and waited for it to boil so I could throw the spaghetti in.

I came back about 20 mins later, thinking the pasta would be ready.  It wasn’t. It was in fact still in the packet on the bench. Are you guys seeing a pattern here? Deep Breaths innnnnnnnn and ouuuuuuuuut.

Eventually, the spaghetti was cooking, the sauce was cooking, and I was in business Yo! I looked at the Thermomix to see how long was left of the timer. OH.SHIT. I’d just realised that I’d forgotten to hit the ‘reverse’ function on the Thermomix blades…meaning that I wasn’t just stirring and cooking the sauce….I was also slicing through it with razor sharp blades. Yup. Spaghetti soup here we come!

In the end, I dished up the now-cooked spaghetti and the soupy Spag Bol sauce along with the side of garlic bread that was ‘slightly’ burnt because I’d forgotten it was in the oven amidst the chaos. Of course, my wonderful little family scoffed down every mouthful like it was going out of style and no one said a word about the state of their meal (they’re well-trained).

Afterwards, I sat back and quietly congratulated myself on another culinary disaster success! I really am a woman of MANY talents. Let me know if you’d like me to share the recipe…?

Now it’s your turn: What’s your biggest cooking disaster to date?



8 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner? (Disaster)

  1. Well I think you are awesome to have kept going, I most likely would have well and truly lost my shit and just ordered pizza!! I have been known to pop veggies in the steamer and turn it on before complaining it’s not steaming and the veggies are still cold – yep forgot to put water in the bottom. Worst of all it happened twice – in the same week 😦


  2. Halfway through making chilli I decided that I was in a pizza kind of mood so decided that I’d put the chilli onto a pizza base and then the guac and cheese would be scattered over the chilli pizza….Can you see where I went wrong?!!!!
    Like you I just soldiered on. Unlike you it was totally inedible. It’s the only thing my hubby has refused to eat.


  3. I’ve had a few in the Thermie. Once I cooked this chinese chicken thingy but forgot to set the temperature AND press the reverse button. It was like shredded chicken soup and it looked almost as bad as it tasted. Your spag bol may not have been the best looking bolognaise, but I bet it still tasted ace. You’ve definitely earned your next take away!


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