Online Stalking: It’s a {Christmas} Gift!

FMS Gift Exchange: All wrapped up!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this year I am very excited to be taking part in the annual FMS Gift Exchange!

I absolutely LOVE buying gifts for other people and take it on as my own personal challenge to find my recipients the perfect gift, so for the last few weeks I’ve been stalking my assigned exchangee ‘Mary’ online (not her real name, so don’t get too excited all you Mary’s out there: It ain’t you!)

After many weeks of stalking/research and several fruitless trips to the shops, last week I believe I found her the perfect gift, at least I hope that I have! Here’s the clues that I used as a guide and what I’d deducted from each one:

My Gift Exchangee ‘Mary’…

  • Has 2 kids (probably doesn’t spoil herself that often)
  • Likes the beach, and the forest (a nature fan!)
  • She likes to read, make candles, and go for long walks (No idea what kind of books she likes, clearly can’t buy her a candle, and sweat-bands probably aren’t going to cut it)
  • Her favourite colour is orange (Great! I can work with this!)
  • She prefers savoury over sweet (Can’t relate personally, but this certainly helps narrow things down!)
  • She drinks tea (Ohhh, I think we’re onto something!)
  • The best gift she’s ever received would be a gift that shows that the person giving it knows something about her (Well I know heaps cos I’ve been stalking her like crazy!)

With the information above, as well as my frequent sneaky peeks at Mary’s Facebook and Instagram feeds (FYI: You didn’t give me a whole lot to go on Mary!) I’m hoping I’ve nailed it and found the perfect gift…what do you guys think?

T2 Spi Chai Tea.  I love T2 because it’s filled with beautiful, fancy teas that make the perfect gifts (I love their stuff but I’d never be extravagant enough to shop there for myself!) I grilled the lady in the store to find the most suitable type of tea, and ended up purchasing the ‘Spi Chai’ loose leaf tea.  Filled with gorgeous ingredients including Star Anise, Cardamom, Licorice Root, Cinnamon, Jasmine, Cloves, Ginger, and Rose Petals, it smelt AH-MAZING! Like Christmas in a cup…Perfect much?! I certainly thought so!  It also fit the ‘savoury’ bill, so I figured I was on to a winner! Throw in the lovely orange box that it came in (Mary’s favourite colour) and I decided it was meant to be.

T2 Spi Chai Tea - Tealicious

Teapot Tea Diffuser. I spotted this little vintage teapot diffuser whilst I was scouring the shelves of T2 and just HAD to have it! I know Mary has an appreciation for all things vintage, and the old-fashioned teapot design seemed the perfect fit to go her style AND with the loose leaf tea!  It was cute and practical, and a nice little keepsake that I hope will make her smile every time she makes herself a cup of tea.

Candy Canes. I know that Mary prefers savoury over sweet, but there’s something quintessentially Christmasy about red and white candy canes, and I know that she has kids so I figured I’d throw in a little goody bag to sweeten the deal!

Teeny Tiny teapot tea diffuser

How do you guys think I went? Do you think I nailed it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


7 thoughts on “Online Stalking: It’s a {Christmas} Gift!

  1. Love it Marns! Sounds like the perfect gift to me. I will admit that I spend way too much time and money in T2 because their teas are the best and the tiny teapot is soooo cute, how could ‘Mary’ not love it! 😃☕️


  2. I totes think you nailed it. I’m a bit behind but I think I see a visit to T2 in my future. It seems it’s a Tea Loving kind of Christmas! That’s elf-cellent work!


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