Beach, Please!

Wish you were here

Seriously? It’s Monday? ALREADY?! How the hell does this keep happening?

We’ve just come back from a semi-long weekend at the Gold Coast, and it was one of those weekends that was just too good to handle! We headed down the coast first thing Friday morning, and didn’t get home until late Sunday night but despite our extended stay, it just didn’t feel like long enough. In fact, no matter how long we spend at the beach, it’s never enough!

We spent our days doing all the usual stuff family’s do at beach: Going for walks, swimming, building sand castles, and eating fish & chips. Nothing fancy, just good Ol’ fashioned fun and despite the weekend being filled with the most simple of pleasures, I can’t think of a single thing that could be better than me and my little family by the beach!

Yesterday, I found myself sitting on the beach with my crazy wind-swept hair my Un-manicured my toes in the sand contemplating life.  As I sat there, I wondered exactly what it was about the beach that just makes life seem better? Despite being tired after a long week, I just felt good. Even as I glanced down on my less-than-perfect-slightly-chubby body that I’d managed to squeeze into a bathing suit, I still managed to feel nothing but a sense of contentment. I also felt a little light-headed due to the tightness of lycra that was stretched around my body, but mostly, just that sense of contentment!

Beach Days with Mama

After a weekend of beachy bliss and contentment, I have come up with a couple of reasons of why I personally love the beach:

It reminds me of being a kid.  Despite growing up in FNQ where the waters are filled with killer jelly fish, crocodiles, and not to mention a couple of deadly Cassowaries who’ve also made the sands their home I spent every weekend/School holidays I could at the beach. We had so much fun just hanging out with our friends and getting up to all kinds of mischief. It was always so much fun and I still love going back now to reminisce about all the good times that we used to have.

You sleep better. Is there nothing more relaxing than the sound of the waves crashing? Everybody just seems to sleep better after a day at the beach. Even Violet managed to sleep  two nights straight without waking up once! Hurrah!

You get all active. I suppose I couldn’t really be less active…but to be clear I don’t mean Cathy Freeman active, I just mean less likely to spend the entire weekend eating potato chips on the couch (Although I’m totally into that too!) What I’m trying to say is that I’m pretty lazy and I despise long, pointless walks, but give me a beach and I’ll happily walk up and down it with the waves breaking at my feet without even a hint of a complaint! Yep, a weekend at the beach and I’m pretty much what you’d consider ‘sporty’.

You want to spend every waking minute outdoors. I feel like these days we all spend way too much time indoors, but when you know the beach is right outside, it somehow fells like you’re missing out on life if you don’t get out there and enjoy it! Violet is an outdoors kid and if she doesn’t get some quality outdoor time everyday, she goes a leetle bit cray cray! The beach is like the perfect anti-dote to this behaviour and she’s always stoked to be chasing seagulls, patting passing dogs and eating a multitude of sand/rocks/shells and anything else that she can pick up and put into her mouth without us seeing.

Sadly, once that sun sets on another weekend we are forced to make the highway pilgrimage back to the ‘burbs only to arrive home to a hot, messy house that quickly erases all memory of the relaxing bliss-filled weekend that was. Cue depression!

Beach Baby

Help me reminisce about the weekend that was! What’s your favourite thing about the beach?


3 thoughts on “Beach, Please!

  1. I’m a bit of a weirdo. I’m a cancerian so I’m meant to love the ocean. Only things is I hate being in the water, but I love being by it, if that makes sense. For that reason, I love a walk along the water’s edge, stick writing in the sand and then vegetating on my sun bed… by the pool!


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