My week sucked. But then I discovered Marcel The Shell (with shoes on).

Marcel the Shell (with shoes on)

Sometimes, we all need a little one-eyed shell (with shoes on) to brighten our day!

You guys, I apologise.

This week has been ridiculous and I’ve not had the time or inclination to write a witty, interesting or even coherent post.

I did try! I really did. I have a couple of posts drafted, but unfortunately they won’t see the light of dayas it’s been a whole lotta sick/crazy/tired/indifference around here this past week.

So as not to disappoint my huge throng of fans (read: 6) I thought I’d share with you all one of the highlights of my week.  I saw this little guy on Ellen and I just can’t stop watching him! He’s a teeny tiny breath of fresh air.  I think I love him and might ask him to move in (and his dog Allan too).

Introducing: Marcel the Shell (with shoes on)

So on that adorable note, have a fabulous weekend and I promise next week will be filled with all kinds of wit and hilarity around these parts!

xo Marns

Congratulations! You’re (not) Pregnant!

Pregnant...not loving it!

This is me, pregnant in 2013. I’m literally re-enacting a ‘beached whale’ scenario. Note that I’m not glowing, or drinking wine, or eating soft cheese.

Ever since Violet was born, I’ve been excited about having more kids. Now that she’s all toddler-y and not my squishy baby anymore, it’s gotten worse. So much so that I’m now ready for a fresh one! Hoorah! Right? Actually…no.

When I told Trav I was ready for another baby his head ‘literally’ spun on it’s axis.  He wasn’t ready…and he wasn’t sure he could ever go through that again…you know, cos child birth is just so painful and difficult for men! (Don’t go there boyfriend!!!). Being the wonderful wife that I am, I promised I’d support him and take on the majority of the pregnancy so that he didn’t have to stress, and eventually he relented and agreed that it was time to expand our brood.

So that was it. We’d decided to have another baby! But it turns out that it can take a while to get pregga’s! (not our experience with Violet, she was a Honeymoon baby: One of the dangers of too much rum in the Caribbean). So anyways, the more time I had to think about it, the more I realised that maybe in the meantime there were some benefits to not being pregnant that I hadn’t really considered!

Since I’d only stopped breast-feeding Violet a few months ago, it occurred to me that this is the first time in the last two years or so that I’ve been able to enjoy all the things that I’d given up whilst pregnant/breastfeeding.  So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I’ve decided to change my tune and try to really make the most of all those things that I’ve been missing out on.

Even Kim Kardashian wasn't safe from the attack of sausage toes!

Even Kim Kardashian wasn’t safe from the attack of sausage toes!

So here’s my list of reasons why I’m ok with not being pregnant right now:

Reason’s to rejoice that you’re NOT Pregnant!

  1. You can eat soft cheeses.  Brie, Camembert…you know, the good stuff! This was potentially the thing I missed most when I was pregnant.
  2. If you get a cold, you can take cold and flu tablets! I feel like I had at least 3 colds while I was pregnant, and it was HELL! No amount of tea, or lemon, or honey makes you feel better! You need drugs and maybe some chicken soup. (But mostly drugs).
  3. You can get a massage any ol’ time you want.  Seems ironic that when your body is at its most uncomfortable, that it’s near impossible to get a massage! Yes, there are places that do pregnancy massage it, but even if find somewhere that does, the odds are against you enjoying it: Your boobs hurt, you need to pee, you can’t get comfortable, you need to pee again….Mmmm I’m so relaxed!
  4. You can go on roller coasters. Ok, this one is just because I like to have the freedom to visit a theme park if I want to, and be able to enjoy all that it has to offer! Pregnant? Great, you can everyone’s stuff while they have the time of their lives.
  5. You can drink the good stuff. Have a big ol’ glass of wine/beer/vodka/goon because even if you’re not a big drinker, you’ll miss it! I used to walk around smelling people’s drinks when I was pregnant. Sad. but true…! And I’m not even a daily drinker!
  6. You can inject caffeine into your eyeballs if you feel like it.  I was never a big coffee drinker but it’s pretty much all I wanted once I knew I couldn’t have it. These days, it’s a necessary evil that counteracts the sleep deprived stupor that I’m often in. I know the next pregnancy will be tough without my daily fix!
  7. You can go out in public without fear of vomiting.  I famously threw up at a bus stop during peak hour when I was pregnant.  It was witnessed by about 30 other commuters waiting at the bus stop, and another 3 bus loads of people who were also watching on in horror.  I managed to catch most of it in a shopping bag, but let’s just say I did not catch the bus that day. Or ever again!
  8. When you sneeze, you don’t wet yourself. Enough said really.
  9. When you laugh, you don’t wet yourself. Nothing funny about weeing your pants people!
  10. You can wear normal clothing and not have to wrap yourself in a tarpaulin and pretend that you love said tarpaulin and would totally wear it even if you weren’t pregnant (You wouldn’t).
  11. You can bleach your hair, remove your nail polish with acetone, and have scaldingly hot baths, and not be in a constant state of terror that you’re harming your unborn child.
  12. You can endure the smell of cooking meat. In fact, you can endure the smell of just about anything! Yippee!
  13. You can stay awake during the day I had a micro-nap during a work meeting once. It wasn’t awkward until I woke up. No one said a word.
  14. You can watch a movie without crying. Not just a sad movie, but Despicable Me 2! (I bawled through the whole thing)
  15. You can wear a nice, normal bra instead of a heavy-duty double hammock that creaks under the strain.
  16. You can exercise (apparently you can still exercise whilst pregnant, but seriously…as if)
  17. You can eat a packet of Twisties (or other junk-food snack of choice) and not worry that your baby will turn into a mutant from all the colours/preservatives/god knows what else (To be fair, by the end of the pregnancy my desire for Twists over-rode that fear). And they were delicious!
  18. You can enjoy Christmas. Straight up: Christmas whilst pregnant is the worst. You can’t eat fresh ham off the bone, you can’t eat left-overs for fear of food-poisoning, you can’t drink….Oh, and anything delicious that you can eat will most likely give you heart burn for days. Also, there will be photo’s of you dressed in some god-awful sack and a santa hat for you to look back on and remember how shit you looked/felt. Merry Christmas!
  19. Being able to sleep on your back, front and your right side! 
  20. Being able to sleep….FULL STOP! 
  21. Strangers don’t feel the need to grope your belly in public whilst looking you in the eyes and saying things like ‘You’re looking radiant!’. Shut the fuck up. I’m not looking radiant, I’m just looking flushed from vomiting all morning!
  22. Strangers won’t ask you annoying questions like ‘How far along are you?’ ‘Do you know the sex?’ ‘Is this your first?’ ‘Were you always this fat?’.
  23. Your ankles don’t look like tree trunks.
  24. Your shoes fit. Nothing like having swollen sausages instead of toes poking out the end of your sandals. How sexy!
  25. You don’t have to push a baby out of your Vagina in 9 months. No explanation needed!


So there you have it! 25 reasons why I’m stoked to be me right now! I plan to make the most of the many perks that non-pregnancy brings whilst I can. I mean, who knows how long it will be before I morph back into that vomiting, demon-possessed chick from the Exorcist that I become whilst I’m pregnant?!

That’s my list….Now tell me: What would you add?

I’m a Certified Clever Cookie! (and I’m celebrating)

I'm a Clever Cookie

It’s official you guys: I’m a Clever Cookie! And I’m not alone. In fact, there are hundreds of other Clever Cookies that are now hitting the blogwaves like it ain’t nobodies business, actin all fancy with our new-found skills!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been a student of the Clever Cookie School of Blog run by Chantelle Ellem and Rowe Timson. And guess what? It’s been AMAZING! Maybe even life-changing! (Woah Sheila, settle down…it’s just an e-course!) I’ve made so many new friends, learnt so many skills, and got to hang out online with one of my biggest girl crushes ever: Chantelle Ellem (aka Fat Mum Slim). She’s all lovely, and hard-working and inspiring, but at the same time just a regular ol’ Mama who loves her babies and has hard days like the rest of us. Anyways, I’m always down for a bit a good ol’ learning, especially if I can do it in my Jimmy Jams! (Which I did most days).

Now, despite my best attempts to never successfully graduate anything, I’m very proud to say that I’m now a certified graduate from the Clever Cookie School of Blog! Yep! I’ve even got a little badge to prove it! (see menu to your right). Full of pride and giddy school-girl excitement, my fellow Brisbane Clever Cookies and I got together for a little graduation celebration recently…and since these girls will most likely end up my bloggy besties, I thought it worthwhile to introduce them to you all since I’ll be no-doubt chatting about them here from time-to-time!

Brisbane Clever Cookies

Here’s how it went down:

After weeks of anticipation, we all met up at Le Bon Choix patisserie in the CBD (FYI: That’s french people, for ‘The Good Choice’ and a good choice it was!) After a few formal real-life introductions, we all got down to business: Drinking coffee, eating cake, and swapping hilarious Cookie Classmate anecdotes!

The first of the Cookies to arrive was Lauren from Create Bake Make.  Lauren was not only punctual which was impressive in itself (she has small children), but also lovely! At first she seemed a little on the quiet side, but once we got chatting we soon learned of Lauren’s many talents! Not only is Lauren a ridiculously talented baker, she’s quite the little entrepreneur! She’s modest about all of her achievements, which is probably why she failed to mention that she also holds a degree in Behavioural Science (i.e. She’s a smart cookie that can also bake cookies).  She’s also super thoughtful, which became evident when she produced bag upon bag of freshly baked cookies for us all. What can I say, the girl can COOK! It was at that moment that I knew we’d be great friends. She’d be the enabler, and I’d be the chubby one.

Next up was pint-sized Karin from Calm to Conniption (potentially the best blog name ever. I literally have a conniption every time I say it). My first impression of Karin was that she was cute. She was all blonde and petite and sporting a nice little baby bump which I resisted the urge to pat. Karin was warm and friendly from the get go.  Turns out though, under Karin’s cute little facade is a whole lotta cheeky! This pocket rocket was full o’ sass! and I loved it. Karin has a quick wit and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is! Let me give you an example. On Karin’s ‘About Me’ page she explains how she suffers from “FOMO” or ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. In Karin’s words: My ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ makes her as indecisive as fuck.  With classic lines like that, who wouldn’t love her?  She also mentions that a delicate flower she is not. Thanks Karin, but I think your blatant use of the f-bomb on your About Me page pretty much covers that! Her blog is funny and random and I think if nothing else, you should at least read her ‘About Me‘ page cos it’s a cracker!

Next up was Susan of My Style to a Tea. Susan and I immediately bonded over our shared love (read: obsession) for all things Mimco.  Susan was wearing the cutest aqua leather bracelet that I’m now obsessed with. Thanks for encouraging my obsession Susan!  Another thing that we have in common is that she’s a newbie blogger too.  My first impression of Susan was that she was well put together (You know those people who roll out of bed and look all chic without even trying?!) She’s also a multi-talented Mama, as she casually threw into conversation that she you know ‘makes quilts’. Cos you know, everyone could make a quilt if they really wanted to, right? (Well no, Susan, they can’t!).

Susan is definitely one to watch.  I chuckled my way through her first post where she introduced her reason for starting a blog as part of her New Years resolution. I love that she admitted this despite her first post being more than 6 months into the year! It is because of her tardiness that I know we will get along famously. (This post should of gone up a week ago, but I know at least Susan won’t be judging me!).

Citron Tart.

The delicious Citron tart that Emma watched me eat.

The next unsuspecting Clever Cookie at our table was Emma from 93 Frocks. Emma made a strong first impression on me: Pretty, blonde, and rocking a kick-ass pink lippie that if I attempted to wear would just look 80’s tragic. Emma was very personable and polished with the tiniest English accent that made her sound a little bit fancy.  I wondered if her polished persona was due to her background in Communications, but to be fair she was probably just born that way! I wasn’t familiar with Emma’s blog at the time so I was absolutely appalled when we all sat down to ridiculously lavish sweets and Emma just ordered a coffee (Ummmm Pardon?).

My brain couldn’t really compute this girl sitting at a table full of french desserts, none of which she was eating.  I tried to assess the situation before me. Do I hate her? Is she some kind of evil sorceress? Perhaps both. I decided that because I liked her pink lipstick so much, I should give her a chance.  Turns out she’s a weight-loss queen, and her whole blog is about her amazing transformation through weight loss, good eating, and exercise. And I’d dragged her to a patisserie. *Awkward*.

I’ll be honest…I thought that would be the end of the friendship (not eating cake in a patisserie is usually enough for me to discount a person) but Emma is so open and honest about her choices, and she has the resolve and discipline of a buddhist monk! What can I say, I was impressed! Her story is incredible and you should definitely check out her blog, it’s inspiring! Check out her fun frock posts here.

Last to arrive was Sasha of From the Left Field.  Sasha was a little late but she soon established herself as a bit of a fire-cracker from early on! Sasha is a bit of a walking contradiction.  She’s all edgy and tattoo’d, and looks like she might be a Yoga instructor or the lead singer of a female rock group. Instead, she’s Dr Sasha, a fancy, serious psychologist who reads people’s minds for a living!  She insisted we all address her as ‘Dr Sasha’, which seemed excessive, but if we didn’t I was scared she’d hypnotise us all to act like chickens or something! (Ok, I may have made that whole sentence up. Perhaps I’m a pathological liar? Must remember to ask Dr Sasha…)

In all seriousness, Sasha was super lovely and down to earth, and she’s got a great sense of humour! She writes like she talks so her blog is not only interesting, it’s a lot of fun to read. I enjoyer her recent post on imaginary friends, which you can read here.

Do you have a favourite blog? Share it in the comments below!

Easy Like Sunday Morning: I’m Makin’ Waffles!

Easy Like Sunday Morning Waffles

Around these parts, Sunday = Family day! Family day generally involves lazing about in our PJ’s and a little breakfast cook-up by yours truly.  Lately, I’ve stepped it up a notch in the breakfast stakes, thanks to our fancy new waffle maker!

I actually bought the waffle maker for Trav’s Fathers Day this year.  For those of you that know me, you’ll know what a big deal this was as I don’t like to encourage such frivolous, impractical gifts. I DESPISE worthless appliances like fairy floss makers, egg cookers, slushy makers etc so this was a pretty big sacrifice for me to make!

In stark contrast, those of you that know Trav will also know that ridiculously pointless appliances are precisesly the sort of thing that he lives for *sigh*. So being the ever-so-selfless and generous wife that I am,  I swallowed my pride, morals and standards and bought him an embarrassing waffle maker appliance that makes stupid heart-shaped waffles (I know…you don’t need to say it! I KNOW).

Predictably upon receipt of this ridiculous gift, Trav was beyond stoked, and shockingly he was in the mood for waffles!.  Because it was Fathers day, I felt obliged to fulfil his request so off I trudged to the kitchen to make the man some friggin heart-shaped waffles. I measured out the ingredients (sorta), fired up the waffle maker, and I was good to go.

Now I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but when it did, it totally took me by surprise.  Perhaps it was the smell of the waffles wafting through our house. Perhaps it was while I drowned the plate of waffles in delectable maple syrup. I can’t be 100% sure, but what I am sure of is that I sat down, swallowed my pride and scoffed that ridiculous waffle. And it was freaking delicious. As i sat there, shovelling bite after bite into my mouth,  wondering what the hell I’d just done, I realised my worst fears had just eventuated. I’m not proud to admit this so publicly, but I feel it’s important to just come out and say it: I LOVED it. I loved that stupid, pointless ridiculous appliance! And because I’m all about facing my fears,  I’m taking the brave step to share this embarrassing fact with you all.

I wasn’t totally accepting of this fact at first. I’ll be honest, I felt a barrage of confusing emotions…Who am I? What have I done? Does this mean I’m going to now buy a hot dog maker?  I wasn’t able to answer these questions… all I do know is that within that moment, home-made waffles were the BOMB.COM and I was totally, unequivocally HOOKED on them. (Noooooooooooooo!)

Once I’d made my peace with my newfound obsession I then went about making waffles for breakfast EVERY SUNDAY. The first couple of times I made them I used the recipe provided with the machine, but I’ll be honest, it was WAY too much effort for this lazy cook! It required the separation of egg yolks, beating until soft peaks formed, yadda yadda yadda. Despite the ethereal taste, it all seemed a bit too hard (I’d be prepping for longer than it took to actually cook and eat the waffles!). So one weekend I did a quick google search to see if I could find a Thermomix recipe that was a little easier….and I found it! A dream recipe that was quick, easy AND crazy delicious! It was the Easy Peasy Thermomix Waffles recipe. And you guys need to try it!

Waffles with Banana and Blueberries

I pretty much followed the recipe with a few exceptions (you know me!).  I omitted the bi-carb soda based on some reviews noting that it’s inclusion in the batter made the mix a little gritty. Also, because I didn’t have buttermilk on hand (does anyone?), I substituted it with regular milk and just added vinegar, and this seemed to work just fine.

The batter made more than enough waffles for the 3 of us, so maybe half the mix if you are only cooking for 2 or 3 of you (or you can make a total pig of yourself and eat them all. Who am I to judge?!).

To finish off these delectable home-made waffles, I would throw some fresh blueberries and sliced banana on top (FYI fruit cancels out the sugary syrup, making them a totes healthy option, and really no different to having an apple for breakfast). I’d then drown the lot in maple syrup (Trav would also add ice-cream, but I’m not even going to go there!).

These waffles are so good that you just HAVE to try them! – and if you don’t have a waffle iron, well I totally recommend you buy one just so you can experience the home-made waffle nirvana like I now do every Sunday (Seriously).  For those of you eager beavers who are already typing ‘waffle maker’ into Google, let me save you the trouble. This is the one we have and it’s small enough to hide in the cupboard when people come over (in case they’re like I used to be, and would make judgements on your character based on this one stupid appliance alone). Oh, and I almost forgot to mention! The best part about this little waffle maker is that it also has a little dial for ‘crisp control’, meaning you can make them as crunchy (or not crunchy) as you like! Genius!

Donkey from Shrek making waffles

Donkey and I have the same idea!

I know that some of you who’re reading this will be wondering whether or not you can ever forgive me for my misfortunes, and I totally get that. All I ask is that you try them and if you can resist their waffley goodness, well I guess you’re a bigger person then I am! (PS I didn’t mean you’re literally a bigger person than me, lets face it, with the amount of waffles I’ve been consuming that’s pretty unlikely!)

Tell me: What’s your favourite Sunday breakfast? And do also hate worthless appliances?

Meatless Monday: Quinoa and Zucchini(less) Fritters

Quinoa and Zucchini(less) Fritters

Since my birthday celebrations early last week, I’ve been eating like a woman possessed and no food is safe around me.  It’s not gone unnoticed, but it’s GOT TO STOP!!!  So it was with my ever-expanding waistline in mind, that I started  searching for  healthy recipes that are quick and family-friendly too. That’s when I came across this gem: Quinoa and Zucchini Fritters by The Organised Housewife!

Unlike The Organised Housewife, I’m anything BUT organised, so despite have bought all the ingredients for this recipe prior to making the fritters, I’d used up all of my zucchini up making a different dish earlier in the week, so I was forced to substitute the zucchini with broccoli and carrot instead (and it totally worked!). What can I say: These fritters are delicious! Even the husband ate them and he’s not a fan of veggies in any way, shape or form. Win!

My attempt at the Organised Housewife's recipe!

The thing that makes these fritters different (and delicious) is the inclusion of the quinoa. Despite loving the stuff and eating a lot of it after Violet was born (it’s very good for Mama’s who are recovering after child birth due to it’s high protein/iron levels), I’d never really cooked it from scratch, so I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to prepare (just like cooking rice). The result however is much lighter and easier to digest too.

If you have no idea how to cook quinoa (like me), The Organised Houswife has kindly shared how to cook perfect quinoa over on her blog too! She really lives up to her name, doesn’t she?

We had our fritters with a little side salad and some sweet chilli sauce, but they’d also be delicious on a burger instead of a meat patty, or chopped up with some pasta or noodles perhaps!

Have you cooked with quinoa before? I’d love to hear your recipes!

Confession: I’m stalking a stranger online.

christmas checklist

You guys, I’ve gotta tell you something: I’m actively stalking someone I’ve never met on Facebook and Instagram. It’s not something I’ve ever really done before, but I’ve realised I’m quite good at it! As of this morning, I’ve started trawling through their pictures, checked out where they work, and I’ve even gone through their friends list, hoping to learn more about who they are. And I’m LOVING it! Before you start backing away away from the computer to call the cops, I should explain myself!

As I’ve mentioned here in previous posts, this year I’m taking part in the FMS Gift Exchange! It’s basically a gigantic Secret Santa, where you are assigned a random person to ‘stalk’ (in the friendly sense) via their Facebook and Instagram in an attempt to learn more about them.

I got my email this morning telling me who my assigned person was (it actually arrived a few days ago but went to my junk!). I was so excited and quickly started my assigned duties. Let’s pretend her name is Mary.  I was given her name and postal address, and a link to the private Facebook group open only to other gift exchangers/exhangees.

I jumped straight into the Faceboook group to commence my stalking! I quickly found Mary, and discovered her Facebook page was largely private. Bugger! I saw a few pictures, where she worked, but not much else.  I then popped back into the forum to see if she’d answered the set of questions we’d all been given to randomly answer:

Favourite colour:
Sweet or savoury?:
Favourite smell:
Best present you ever got?:
Do you have a hobby?:
If you were down to your last $10 how would you spend it?:

She had! I had my first gift giving leads! I then popped over to stalk her Instagram.  Mary wasn’t giving much away, so I have my work cut out for me! Here’s what I do know so far:

  • She has 2 kids
  • She likes the beach, and the forest
  • She likes to read, make candles, and go for long walks
  • Her favourite colour is orange
  • She prefers savoury over sweet
  • She drinks tea
  • The best gift she’s ever received would be a gift that shows that the person giving it knows something about her.

Ok, so the first 6 points I can totally make work I think, and I already have a couple of gift ideas. As for that final point, I’m not sure that I ‘know’ Mary, but I’m hoping that my assumptions are educated enough to hit the nail on the head and get her something great! Either way, I’m taking it on as my own personal challenge: I pride myself on being a gun at gifting, so I’m going to NAIL this!

I’ll continue to stalk Mary a little longer and see what else I can find out about her, and then I’ll be hitting the shops to find her the perfect gift.

What would your answers be to these questions?

Favourite colour:
Sweet or savoury?:
Favourite smell:
Best present you ever got?:
Do you have a hobby?:
If you were down to your last $10 how would you spend it?:

Facebook Stalking

The Lighter Stuff: Exchanging Gifts with Strangers

Hey stranger!

As you guys know, I’ve made it my personal mission to not get bogged down in all the yucky headlines of late and instead turn my focus to the lighter stuff in life so I don’t cry myself to sleep every night. Well, I’m a woman of my word, and in my attempt to do good, I’ve recently signed up to the FMS Gift Exhange for 2014! I thought that this is a perfect example of a fun little project that might help restore our faith in humanity and a real sense of giving!  It also helps that I’m mad keen present buyer/giver and nothing gives me greater joy than to get my present on!

So, what is this magical FMS Gift Exchange I’m waffling on about? It’s basically a little project dreamed up by the fabulous Chantelle (AKA Fat Mum Slim) that encourages people to sign up to a worldwide group of beautiful gift-exchangers! (Hello! FUN!) You’ll be assigned a random person from the group to buy a gift for,  and then given the spy-like opportunity to ‘stalk’ your gift recipient to find out more about them (in a cute way, not a creepy way!). Once suitably stalked, you will be armed with the knowledge to able to buy the gift of their dreams! (so long as the gift of their dreams has a $25 limit). Now as if that’s not rewarding enough, not only will you receive a lovely return gift in your mailbox from a complete stranger, but more importantly you are being a part of a fun little movement that is spreading love across the world! Yay!

I’m super stoked that this year, signing up to the FMS Gift Exchange invokes a $5 ‘fee’. This fee is then donated towards one of my favourite charities, Rafiki Mwema!  Rafiki is a very worthy cause that I also support through my business Pineapple Traders (I volunteer my services by packing and posting their charity totes which you can buy here).

Rafiki kids excited about their new funds raised by the gift exchange

The beautiful girls of Rafiki Mwema

Rafiki Mwema is a safe-house in Kenya that has been set up to protect and heal girls who’ve been horrifically sexually abused.  Some of the girls are as young as 3, and it’s awful the things they’ve endured, but Rafiki Mwema is the big fat rainbow after the rain for these girls! Who better to throw a measly $5 at?! (And you can totally donate more than that if you’re feeling generous!).

Wanna sign up? Yay! you can do so until Sunday October 5th 2014. Just pop over here for all the details!

I’ll be sharing my experiences of the FMS Gift Exchange here on Marns the Mama, so make sure you keep popping back in and  you can keep helping me spread the lighter stuff!

Anyone else signed up to the FMS Gift Exchange?! Tell me in the Comments below!


xo Marns