Throwback Thursday: When Marney met Trav

Happy Thursday Everyone!  It’s my second wedding anniversary on Friday (Naww!) and I’m planning to do a post on our lovely New York wedding to share with you all later, but first, I thought it was only polite to introduce you to Trav. He’s the bloke I’m momentarily neglecting to indulge in my new found hobby of blogging! So this little ‘Throwback Thursday’ post is dedicated to you my love! I think you’ll find I’ve painted you in a very positive light 😉

The year was 2006. Cars had just been introduced and the horse and carriage was slowly being phased out. There was also a brand new internet-based platform called MySpace sweeping the globe. All the cool kids had their own MySpace page that listed their favourite bands, friends, messages, etc. (It was the first Facebook, but MUCH cooler).  Mandatory to each MySpace page was a music player that blared your favourite song whenever someone landed on your page (My original song was by the Custom Kings, ‘Spin My Thread’).  I was still of an age where I was attending festivals and concerts and watching dodgy bands in seedy gig venues and music was like, totally my life, you know?

Marney's MySpace Profile Pic

This was my original MySpace profile pic. I know what you’re thinking – I haven’t aged a day since 2006. Thanks for saying so!

Anyways, I can’t remember exactly how Trav and I came across each other’s Myspace pages, but I do remember his profile picture quite clearly.  Trav was in Mexico, dressed in a sombrero and bad moustache, riding a donkey.  (Don’t believe me? evidence below!) I mean seriously, I know what you’re thinking: What girl could resist a stranger on the internet dressed like a dodgy Mexican? Clearly not this girl! Anyways, we chatted online regularly and bonded over our shared loves: music, sarcasm and hamburger recipes (or “HB recipes” as Trav referred to them: Trav loves a good abbreviation, and this obsession continues to this day. I’ll share more of those in a later post).

This was Trav's MySpace profile pic.  I know, right ladies?!

This was Trav’s MySpace profile pic. See what I mean? Irresistible!

Anywho, a few months later I was in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast to see a band at another classy establishment (The Cooly Hotel). Trav just happened to live up the road at the time so he came down to the Pub and we met in person for the first time.  What can I say, I saw him standing there from across the room. I was disappointed he wasn’t wearing the moustache and sombrero, and there wasn’t a donkey in sight.  Still, he was cute, and funny, and had a big tattoo on his arm, so when he offered to take me for some Macca’s drive-thru, I would’ve been crazy to say no, right?

From that moment on, we were pretty much inseparable. We bonded over our mutual likes: Hamburgers, Red Tulip Easter Eggs (or ‘RTEs’ – as Trav called them), Music (he introduced me to all the emo stuff, I introduced him to all the bluesy/rootsy stuff) and the beach.  We also bonded over our mutual hatred for seafood. Seriously, it was like a match made in heaven!

Our first date was at a pizza joint called Pancho’s (side note: The donkey in Trav’s profile pic was called Pancho! Fate much?!).  It was a little bit weird as we were friends first before dating, so we were both doing our best to act cool when Trav asked if he could take a photo of me at dinner. (Sorry, what?) He then explained that it was because his sister had text him and asked for a photo of me. Oh, well in that case, snap away! (WTF?) Now that I know his sister it totally makes sense (She’s hilarious and has no boundaries when it comes to this stuff!).  Then, to make things even more romantic, I thought I’d show off my sarcastic side by asking Trav where he’d bought his plaid shirt (which was actually very cool) and whether he’d borrowed it from his Dad.  Apparently he didnt think that was funny, and he still brings that comment up to this day.

Another of our first dates involved us watching a movie together. I got to pick, and Trav still names ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ as one of his all-time favourite movies!  I knew any guy who could sit through such a movie and feign interest was a keeper, and you’ll be pleased to know that I still insist on him sitting through tragic Rom Coms to this day, however he no longer feigns interest.

Perhaps one of my favourite early memories of us was when Trav and I were hanging out in his room, and I told him how impressed I was with the way he’d styled his bedroom. It was neat and organised, and looked like something out of a cool interiors magazine.  He started to explain some of the cool nick-hacks and objects he’d picked up on his travels, and showed me this fancy shelf-thing that was holding some of his DVD’s on the wall.

I still clearly remember how he sauntered over to the shelf and was explaining the difficulties involved in hanging it correctly. He proudly boasted that he’d managed to hang it all on his own. Literally, at that very moment, that shelf slid sharply to the right on the wall. The DVD’s went sliding off the wall. At that moment, Trav looked at me for a split-second, and then the entire shelf came crashing down to the floor on top of his DVD’s.  I lost it! It was like the whole thing had been staged. I probably laughed for about 3 days. (I actually LOL’d as I typed this). Poor Trav later explained to me that the shelf in question had actually been on the wall for like a year, with no sign of movement or issue. That story still makes me laugh to this day.

Trav taking me to a Rockabilly concert.  Let's just say I kind of stood out in my bright yellow peasant top.

Trav taking me to my first Rockabilly concert. Let’s just say I kind of stood out in my bright yellow peasant top…I haven’t been to another Rockabilly concert since.

Seven-ish years later not much has changed.  Trav is still making me laugh everyday. He’s still got his own sense of style and still abbreviates things just to be annoying. Oh, and he still puts stuff up on the walls that falls down sometimes.

Isn’t it crazy how quickly the years fly by!?  Do you remember what you were doing in 2006? Perhaps you were you also dating dodgy Mexican-dressed men you’d stumbled across on the internet?

xo Marns
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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: When Marney met Trav

  1. haha love it. Oh, the memories. Lucky you didn’t turn out to be an axe murderer.
    p.s. Would we say The Devil Wears Prada is one of my all-time favourite movies??
    p.p.s. It’s ‘RTs’ not ‘RTEs’. I corrected you then and I shall correct you forever.


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