I’m totally a blogger now.

So, I’m totally a blogger now.

Yep, the rumours are true! Since I hadn’t crammed enough into this year already….I’ve decided to add blogger to the list and just see what happens!

Here’s how it started: I’ve always wanted to try my hand at blogging, as I quite like to write stuff down (I have a memory like a sieve) and I thought maybe I could find enough interesting/amusing things to write about for people to actually read it.  Then, the terror of people actually reading it kicked in and I got a bit scared. I mean, what if I’m publicly ridiculed? or privately ridiculed? or another type of ridiculed that I’m not even aware of?!

So I thought about it, and as I reflected I realised a few things. 2014 has been a huge year for me. I was on Maternity leave and due to return to work in April (Yuck!) and just prior to that my brother was getting married in Thailand so we were taking our 7 month old on her first overseas holiday (I know what you’re thinking – her first overseas trip at 7 months old?! Why did you wait so long!)

So off we went on a fabulous family holiday to Thailand and Singapore (where our blonde hair/blue eyed baby was very well received and now features in many random Asian family albums) only to return to Australia and be told that my job of 6 years was no longer there – I’d been made redundant! Not the news you are hoping to receive after a nice relaxing holiday, but I wasn’t all that upset since 1. I wasn’t that keen to return to work anyways and 2. I had a redundancy payout that meant I could stay home a bit longer with my baby! win/win really!


My little family at my Brother’s wedding in Thailand. Unaware I was about to lose my job! (hence the smiles)

Now for anyone that knows me, you’ll know that I can’t be stagnant for too long, and at some point I figured that being a SAHM to a 7 month old wasn’t keeping me busy enough (That’s not true at all obviously, in reality I was probably drunk or something) so in my sleep-deprived state I decided I was going start my own business! (Pineapple Traders – in case you were wondering)  It all seemed so fun and easy at the time.  I look back now and wonder what the hell I was thinking, and I won’t bore you with the details of how I’d child-rear during the day and then work on the business into the wee hours of the night, or how I managed to work out what the heck I was doing since I’d never had my own business before, but guess what? I did! AND I hadn’t failed miserably! I’d worked my ass off and it had paid off.

It was with that victory fresh in my mind, and with a toddler who is now sleeping through the night that I decided wanted to do something that was a bit of fun and didn’t involve me driving to the post office everyday….so here we are! I’m totally blogging!

Now I don’t want this blog to be ALL about me (I’m not that up myself!) instead, I want it to be all about you guys too! I think becoming a Mum gives you a confidence and a courage that perhaps you didn’t possess prior to birthing and raising a human, and that’s what this blog is all about! Being a Mum and everything that comes along with the territory: Happiness, insomnia, boredom, craziness, anger, hunger, weight-loss, weight-gain, fear, guilt, memory-loss (have I forgotten anything?!) and of course, that special badge of honour that basically means you can do ANYTHING!

So let’s all raise our hands to the sky, and let the world know: “I’m a Mama! I’m awesome! I can do anything!” (Except maybe find the time to shave those armpits, in which case maybe don’t raise those hands to the sky, maybe just pop them down instead and sway them with your elbows fixed at your sides? No judgement though!)

Lets start by you all telling me what’s been your biggest victory since becoming a Mama? (It doesn’t necessarily have to be child-related either!).

xo Marns

Ps: How did I go? I’d love your feedback (Read: praise and over the top accolades).  Alternatively, if you read this and thought it was crap…tell me that too, but maybe just open with a compliment first? like “OMG! You look amazing in those tracksuit pants! Oh and hey, how bad was your first blog post?!” Thanks Girlfriends!


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34 thoughts on “I’m totally a blogger now.

  1. Well done Marney – great read ! If anyone can be an awesome blogger it’s you!! Look forward to future blogs – please be sure to include some funny stories about @trex78!!!


  2. What’s with companies making people redundant whilst on holidays 😉 some kind of an unspoken rule? !!

    Congratulations on your first post! More importantly congratulations for having the courage to turn your redundancy into a positive and become your own boss!!

    Now can someone help me do that before I have to head back next May!! Here’s hoping!!


  3. loved your first post, made me laugh. Your writing seems so natural hope my first post is half as good……loving clever cookie as I can find other blogs like yours that I can totally relate too…..


  4. High 5 Marney…loved it! Can’t wait to read more. Hmmmm biggest victory in being a mum….moving to a remote indigenous community with a newborn oh and learning all the words to the nursery rhymes (well making great substitutions anyway) xx


  5. Great first post Marney! If anyone I know can do a blog (and provide an entertaining read!) it’s you!
    Since becoming a mum myself I have many times thought I should write things down – the amazing things, my favourite moments, the hard/challenging parts, the many lessons learnt (and still learning!), and about the most amazing feelings you experience! – but I would not have the pizazz, humorous articulation or courage you do!
    My victory so far would just have to be giving my little one the love and energy he deserves whilst managing to shower daily, eat my meals and cope with the new found levels of washing!!


    • Thanks Meaghan! And those victories you mentioned are the biggest of all…daily showers are the best and should not be taken for granted!! (Ps you should write things down, it’s always nice to reflect on how far you’ve come! Xx


  6. Great post Marnie! It’s lovely to find another fellow Brissy blogger! I think my biggest victory since becoming a Mum is learning to let go of the things (and people) that cause me stress and worry and don’t really matter in the scheme of things.
    Looking forward to following along x


    • Thanks Lauren!! Yay for Brisvegas! And what a huge victory for you! isn’t it funny how we no longer feel the need to indulge those people once we become a mum?! It’s tough but once you get there it’s so liberating!!! You go girl! xx


  7. Really love your humour and themes here. Great stuff. I had actually been reflecting lately how motherhood must be good for confidence, in many ways. Good on you for allowing motherhood and a change of circumstances (the loss of your job) to boost you towards starting a business. A relative of mine is planning to do the same, with a young baby, so I’ll share your story with her.


  8. My victory took me until my second baby to figure out (and I’m not quite on the podium at the finish line so victory might be optimistic) but I’m slowly getting better at not trying to do it all. First baby I sort of thought it was easy in some sort of postnatal delusionary state, signed up to do things like run half-marathons (I’m not a runner) and finish a masters degree and then realised that OMG babies are seriously time-zapping creations! Narrowly avoided losing my mind (my husband would disagree) so second time I’m trying to temper my enthusiasm and try and get some focus as to what my priorities actually are (right now, sleep, followed closely by sleep). So logically, I’ve signed up for blog school in an attempt to decrease my to do list! Hah! I may actually take the full 4 weeks to get around to writing a post! Well done on starting! I’ll be tuning in for sure!


    • I hear you Kate, when I reflected on my achievements this year, I honestly think if I’d been of sound mind, I wouldn’t have attempted any of them! It’s not that I regret any of it, but it really was too much and I think a lot of us are guilty of trying to do it all! I shall wait for your first post with anticipation! (And patience) 😉


  9. Good on you M. Your ramblings have always made me smile and this is no exception. This Mum is very proud of the two beautiful Mums I have produced. Love you!


  10. Hahaha. Love it! You’re a natural writer, and I have to admit I did have to do the elbows by the side dance when I raised my hands. Can’t wait to read the next one!


  11. Congratulations on your first post! It was a pleasure to read and your writing is very natural. Well done on turning a negative into such a positive and moving forward. My biggest victory since having kids is learning who I actually am. I’ve become so much more confident in knowing who I am, what I want and what I need. It’s been a bit unexpected actually.

    Can’t wait to read more x


    • Thanks Fleur! Isn’t crazy, that at first motherhood breeds insecurities, but once you conquer you gain all this confidence in other parts of your life! Ps: I’m following your blog but can’t figure out how/where to comment!!


  12. Great first post, Marnie! I love your writing style…very entertaining. I can’t wait to read more of your journey through life :). Your family is beautiful and its very inspiring that you found the sunny side of being made redundant (how rude that they did that to you upon returning from holiday!).


  13. I absolutely loved reading your first blog! In fact…. I’ve always loved reading your little posts and comments on Instagram.. So now I get to indulge in a bit more Marney humour (which makes me very happy), read someones blog (which I’ve NEVER done), understand What a blog is (which I never had)… And maybe learn a thing or two!! Keep em comin’ Marns. Cheerio for now! X


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