There’s a Ninja Turtle under my couch! (and that’s not all).

Pirate is scared at what he'll find under the couch

Monday. Ergh. For me its the most dreaded day of the week due to the boring routine that inevitably follows. Today’s exciting task was to clean up the family room. Yay. So with Violet taking her morning nap, there was nothing else for it.

I walked in and assessed the damage: There was crap EVERYWHERE.  I didn’t bother tidying it over the weekend because well, it was the weekend! But the fallout of that decision was now flaunting it’s squalor in my face.  I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I never know how long miss V will sleep for these days (could be 30 mins, could be 3 hours!) so I prioritise my task list.

  • Pick up 50 bazillion toys that have been carefully and methodically strewn across the room
  • Wipe down and de-salmonella-ise the high chair (I hate this job! why do high chairs have so many crevices?)
  • Wipe every visible surface that’s been touched by grubby fingers (i.e. all of them)
  • Vacuum the play mat
  • Vacuum the floors
  • And finally: vacuum under the couch.

Now, I’m a very thorough vacuum-er. When I vacuum (which is generally once a day in high-impact areas) I like to do it right.  I’m talking behind doors, under mats, and of course, under the furniture. So you should have seen the look of shock on my face when I bent down to look under the couch on this particular occasion. OMG…..! It was not pretty.

There was so much crap under there. Like, I’m not exaggerating…it was hideous. What if somebody had visited and casually glanced under the couch and seen the multitude of sins that were residing there!?!?! I shudder at the thought.  Despite being thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed, I thought it was my duty to share a selection of some what I found with all of you (so that you don’t feel the same shame and horror that I did!).

So here’s what I found under just one of the two couches in that room (I can’t share it all with you, as I need some of my dignity to remain intact!).

What I found under the couch

Mr Potato Head’s hat.  We bought Violet a Mr Potato Head when we were overseas on holiday recently.  It was a bribe toy and proved very popular.  I have no idea where the rest of Mr Potato is currently situated, but I’ve found his hat! Hurrah!

A teaspoon. This one was from this morning, as usual I made myself a coffee and was trying to drink it in peace when V decided she wanted to share.  I always keep the spoon on hand so she can have a bit of the milk froth, and then distract herself with the spoon. I don’t feel too bad about this one because it’d only been there for an hour or so.

An assortment of pegs. I’m not sure why I ever decided to buy my child toys, since one of her favourite play items is the clothes pegs.  I’ve literally bought twice as many pegs as we previously owned, so that I don’t have to scour the house looking for them when I’ve done a load of washing.  To be honest, I’d prefer them to be hidden under the couch than left lying on the floor as I’ve slipped on a peg on more than one occasion, and it is both painful and humiliating.

A tiny Cabbage Patch Baby figurine. Again, no idea how long she was there, but Nicolette (yes, thats her name!) seems to find herself in the strangest of places around the house.  Under the couch is actually quite acceptable in this instance.  In my water glass however, is not.

A piece of bread crust. God. That could be from today (she had toast for breakfast) or weeks ago! I wonder how long it takes a piece of old crust to go mouldy? That might help in working out how long its been there (must google that later).

A french fry. Ok this one is embarrassing.  It’s bad enough we’re eating fast food on the couch (what are we, the Simpsons?) but this could also be from the weekend, or weeks ago.  I have a husband who goes crazy for Maccas so I blame him for this one. Trav: you should be totally ashamed of yourself!!!

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Yep, theres a TMNT under my couch.  Raphael to be exact.  You may be surprised that my 15 month old girl even owns a Ninja Turtle, but if you knew us, you probably wouldn’t be.  Both Trav and I were TMNT fans as kids, my favourite was Donatello (the purple one) and his was Leonardo (the blue one).  Trav took advantage of me going on and on about not just buying girls toys when she was born (apparently it’s not good for there development and pigeon holes them as stereotypical girls). So I agreed we should buy her one. But when we couldn’t decide on whether she should get my favourite turtle or his, a compromised was reached and Raphael found a new home.  Perhaps he appreciates being under the couch as I’m sure its somewhat more sanitary than a sewer?

So now you all know my deepest darkest under-the-couch secrets! I’m also pleased that there is no longer anything embarrassing under my couches, and that all the offending items have been relocated to more appropriate corners of our home.

Are you brave enough to tell me what’s under your couch?

P.s. If it’s nothing more than a clean floor, then we should probably stop forcing the friendship as we have nothing in common 😉

The Lighter Stuff

Finding the Lighter Stuff in Life with Marns the Mama

A bit over a year ago, I stopped watching the news. Not because I didn’t care what was going on in the world, but because I can no longer stomach the violence, terror and fear that is constantly being thrust upon on our TV screens now that I’m a Mama. I know that might sound ignorant, but being a mum changes you and I couldn’t process the negativity going on in the outside world when the inside of my world was so joyous and full of love for my small person.

In recent weeks, despite my best attempts to ignore them, those heavy headlines have managed to infiltrate my perfect little world and have left me reeling.  To make matters worse, arrests regarding these unspeakable acts were made in my very own neighbourhood. That’s not really something you can ignore, and it left me rattled. I considered never leaving the house again (seriously!).  I also considered moving to somewhere remote where we might be safer, but the more I tried to come up with viable solutions, the more I realised that you can’t live in constant fear, and you can’t avoid all forms of danger completely no matter where you are.

So what’s the answer? 

Perhaps the true moment of clarity came when Trav and I had settled in one night and were watching TV.  Trav offered to go to McDonalds and get us a McFlurry ice-cream for dessert.  Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal (in fact, it probably occurs way to often in this household!) but in light of my newfound paranoia, I was worried!  “What if something happens to you?”  Trav looked at me, and in a very serious tone responded: “If we can’t leave the house to get McFlurries…Then they’ve won”.  I realised he had a point, and despite the fact that his point was made as a joke, it actually made total sense!  I realised he was right.  I don’t want to live in a world where I can just go out and get a McFlurry when I want it! Do you? Heck no!

It also made me realise that despite all the yucky stuff going on in the world, that we are human, and we need to laugh sometimes! We need to focus on the lighter stuff in life and not just sit around and let the fear and worry consume us! Seriously, why else do puppies, chocolate and reality tv exist?!  Cos it’s the lighter stuff in life that makes the world go around!

Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it! Watch this video below, and despite all the crap going on in the world right now, I bet it makes you smile…..right?

Wanna help spread the lighter stuff  in life? Yay! Let’s collaborate!

Just like the examples in the video, wouldn’t it be nice to help people to switch their focus to the lighter stuff in life instead of all the doom and gloom? I mean how easy would it be to do this one small thing!? I’m going to give it a try, and I invite you all to join me!

If you’re tech savvy, use the hashtag #TheLighterStuff on social media too so we can spread the lighter stuff even further! See? Don’t you feel better already? I know I do!

Wishing you all Love, Light & McFlurries!

xo Marns

Mushroom, Avocado & Rocket Salad (Yum!)

Mushroom Avocado and Rocket Salad Recipe

I whipped this yummy salad for lunch today, and it’s not only delicious, but super-duper easy! I literally can make it with one hand (Violet insisted I hold her while I made it so she could supervise/snack as I went).

Whilst I originally made this salad for me, its also perfect for the mini-people (I just remove the rocket for Violet as she’s still only got 2 fully grown teeth). She LOVED it!

The portions I’ve used below is what I made for the two of us, but you can easily increase the quantities to suit a family or large group.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this colourful plate of heaven happen!


  • A couple of handfuls of rocket leaves (washed)
  • A cucumber (a whole lebanese or half a continental)
  • A handful of tomato (I used baby Roma tomatoes)
  • A whole avocado
  • 5 or 6 button mushrooms (washed, skin on).
  • 25 – 50 grams of butter (or olive oil if you prefer)
  • Salt & pepper to season


  1. Chop up your mushroom, cucumber, tomato and avocado into even, bite-sized pieces.
  2. Melt the butter in a hot frying pan.  Once melted, throw in the mushrooms* and stir until they’re fully coated in the butter.
  3. Once the mushrooms are cooked through remove them (and the avocado) from the heat and set aside.
  4. Pile your rocket, tomato and cucumber onto the plate.  Pour on the cooked mushrooms, avocado and whatever juices are left in the pan on top of your salad.
  5. Add a little salt and pepper to taste (optional) and serve!

*Note: Once the mushrooms are partially cooked, I like to throw the avocado into the pan too.  It adds a nice golden colour and they pick up the taste of the mushies too.

Salad Recipe - Yum!

It’s as easy as that!

I love this salad as-is, but you could also try adding some toasted pine nuts too if you’re feeling adventurous, or perhaps grill some chicken and throw that on top…the possibilities are endless!

Let me know if you have a go at this salad, and whether or not it’s a hit at your house too!

Do you have a go-to recipe that’s quick and easy? I’d love to hear about it! Feel free to share it in the comments section below!

xo Marns

Some parenting advice from the world’s greatest Mother

Today hasn’t been one of my best as a Mama. If you read my last post, you’ll know that Violet is teething at the moment.  She’s like the perfect child 90% of the time. Unfortunately, the other 10% is when she’s teething, and it ain’t pretty!  Last night she was tossing and turning all night, moaning in pain. In the end, I just let her sleep on top of me with her little elbow wedged firmly into my jugular. Whatever, she was so tired and I was wrecked so we just made do.

As a result of a long wakeful night, this morning didn’t get off to a great start. Today I had a webinar scheduled at 10:00am as part of my Clever Cookie Blog School, so I’d have to find something to distract Violet whilst I sat on my laptop for an hour.

Parenting Tip 1 – Never use the TV as a babysitter

Ok, before I became a Mum, I insisted I’d never use the TV as a babysitter. Well, turns out that wasn’t all that realistic! If I didn’t, it means I’d never take a shower, so whatever! I popped Violet down in front of the TV.  It was Pirate Day on ABC for Kids today so she was pretty stoked anyways.  I’d also set up a ‘snack station’ so she could munch away if she got hungry.  She was totally absorbed in PlaySchool so I left her to it.

Violet helping Mummy

Violet ‘helping’ her Mama

Parenting Tip 2 – Supervise your child at all times

Predictably, about 10 minutes into the webinar Violet appeared in front of me, banana in hand, wanting to see what I was up to.  I sat her on my lap, and then she started wiping her banana-smeared fingers all over the laptop.  I put her down on the floor, grabbed a pile of books and toys, and encouraged her to play.  She was quite happy doing this for about 20 minutes.  Next time I looked up, she was walking towards me, chewing.  That’s weird, I thought since her banana was long gone.  “What’s in your mouth?” I asked (seriously, how many times a day do we ask that question?).  She made a weird face, then kept chewing.  “What is it?” I asked again.  By now, she was standing next to me. And thats when I noticed something black on her face. There, on her chin, was a leg. A crunchy, revolting, cockroach leg. “SPIT IT OUT!” I yelled at her.  She calmly put her hand in her mouth and pulled out a wing. Thenk kept crunching. Faaark!

Parenting Tip 3 – Don’t let your child go bare-foot in public

After the cocky incident, it was nap time so I put V down for a snooze. She was awake again after only 45mins, hot, cheeks flushed, and not happy. I tried to give her some lunch but she wouldn’t have it.  I had errands to do so I popped her in the car in the hope that she might sleep on the way.  I arrived at the shops, and realised I didn’t have the pram, OR a pair of shoes for Violet. Shit. Ok, I’ll just carry her! After about 20 mins of wrestling the squirmy toddler, I gave up, and put her down.  Bugger it. She was walking around Spotlight with no shoes on.  And yes, people stared but no, I didn’t care!

Parenting Tip 4 – Don’t feed your child junk food

After visiting the post-office, the chemist and Spotlight, I thought we should head home.  Violet then started cracking it because she was hungry.  I had an organic yoghurt pouch stashed in my bag for this very occasion.  I gave it to her. She literally slapped it out of my hands.  Great. I was starving too, so I thought I’d stop and get something on the way home. I pulled into a cafe, and realised I still had a toddler without shoes.  I scoured the car, and jackpot! A pair of her tiny Dunlop Volleys were on the floor.  I knew they were a bit snug, but I thought I’d be able to get them on.  I crammed her feet into them and then looked at her face. She wasn’t impressed. I looked at her feet. She looked like one of those Geisha’s who’d had her feet bound. Stuff it! I pulled the shoes off and drove to a drive-through so we didn’t have to get out of the car.  I ordered her a tiny fries, scraped the salt off and dabbed the excess oil away, and gave her the packet.  She responded with a big gummy grin and set about stuffing fistfuls of chips into her gob.

Violet chippies

Mama…where’d all my chippies go?

Parenting Tip 5 – Take parenting advice with a grain of salt (or even better: sprinkle it on your babies french fries!)

I totally thought I’d be an amazing earth mother that would never entertain any of these things.  My child would only eat organic, nutritious food. I’d never schedule activities that meant I couldn’t be watching her 24/7. Never in a million years would I let them watch TV or go bare-foot in public.  But then I actually became a Mum, and realised it’s not that easy! In fact, its bloody hard! and she’s not even 2! So please don’t judge me…or if you must me, know that at some point, one of these things is gonna happen to you! And guess what? It’s not the end of the world! Cos sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to get through the day!

Anyone else want to share their own not-so-stellar parenting moments with me? (It’d make me feel better!)

An open letter to Violet’s teeth (or distinct lack thereof)

Dear Mr Toothy Peg,

Hello! How are you? I do hope you’re well!

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Marney, Violets Mum. You know Violet – she’s the kid with all the gums that you’ve been working on lately.  I hope you don’t mind me contacting you like this, it’s just that, well….we need to talk.

Violet: Destined for a life of licking Pizza

Violet: Destined for a life of licking Pizza

This might seem a bit out of the blue for you because it’s been months since we originally made your acquaintance.  If I remember correctly, two of your baby teeth popped up in Violet’s gums when she was about 8 months old? (Sorry, I can’t remember exactly when, as I haven’t slept in 15 months). Anyways, I think its high-time we sat down together and discussed the big ol’ elephant in the room (Or to be more on-topic: the big ol’ elephant with no tusks!).

You see, it’s like this Mr Toothy Peg: You’re kinda ruining our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, those two little baby teeth you’ve planted in the bottom gum are all kinds of cute, and are still a source of amusement when Violet uses them to break her arrowroot biscuits in half with a loud, satisfying *SNAP*! But to be honest, we’ve kind of moved on since then. We over it!

Violet Happy Sad

I mean….it’s been more than 6 months of suffering and we’ve only just scraped the surface with those massive top fangs, which, to be quite honest, just seem to dragging their arses. They’ve been sitting there for weeks, shoulders slumped, bored expressions on their faces, lazily hanging out just outside of her top gum, mocking us.

I know this must be awkward, but I’m just going to come right out and say it. What the hell kind of game are you playing at? I mean, despite the weeks and months of pain, fever, snot, drool, restlessness and a whole lotta surprises ‘downstairs’ (fellow parents know what I’m saying), I feel that we’re not getting anywhere! Are you seriously that sadistic? Do you enjoy seeing us all suffer and turn on each other?

I know that you’re a necessary evil and all, but my biggest gripe is that you consistently over-promise and under-deliver! Seriously! We’ve gone out of our way to prepare for each of your new babies arrivals.  I’ve bought 2 different brands of teething gel. I’ve bought teething tablets which Violet now things are a treat, like a tiny tic-tac offering several times a day (If you haven’t tried Hylands teething tablets – I can totally recommend them). So why is it, Mr Toothy Peg, that I’m now the biggest shareholder in baby Nurofen? And for what? You still manage to ruin our days/night regardless of those precious 2mls every 6 hours!!!!

Hmm….what’s that, Mr Toothy Peg? Have I tried those amber teething necklaces/bracelets/dreamcatchers or whatever else you’re pushing onto us poor unsuspecting mothers? Why no! I haven’t! …Why not, you ask? Oh, I’ll tell you why not. Because my days (and nights) are currently ugly enough without some brown, hippy string of amber hanging from my childs throat/arm/ankle! But thanks for asking! (Sorry – I feel pretty strongly about the look of those amber teething products, despite people raving about their benefits, they’re so ugly! but I promise won’t judge you if you use them religiously. To your face anyway).

amber teething necklace

Now I know that during the last few weeks you’ve made some effort to push those top two fangs-extraordinaire through V’s tender little gums, and I’m sure once they’re more than 2 millimetres through they will look absolutely splendid.  But seriously: How longs it gonna take for them to be somewhat useful for chewing food and all?

Alright…..ok….I get it. My hostility isn’t going to make you grow your baby teeth any faster.  But if there’s any way you can hurry it along, I’d really appreciate it.  I’m sure Violet will be eternally grateful, and so will her Peppa Pig pram who’s currently bearing the brunt of her frustrations.

Cheers and all the best,

xx Marns

Welcome to post-weekend depression.

My little family and I have just returned from a long weekend away. It was our 2nd wedding anniversary, so we packed up and headed south to the luxurious Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast. What can I say? WOW!

We wined, we dined, we swam, we cocktail-ed, we even had one child-free night to ourselves! The sun was out, the skies were blue, it was like being in paradise! The resort is right on the beach and laced with tropical gardens heavy with palm trees and hibiscus. The whole setting was perfect. And then Monday rolled around….and Trav and I began our usual descent into post-holiday depression.

Yes, post-holiday depression is totally a thing. Trav and I are frequent sufferers, and no we’ve not found a cure as yet. We’d just had the most heavenly weekend and I didn’t want to go home. Trav also didn’t want to go home. Even Violet didn’t want to go home and leave her new-found friend. (Apologies to housekeeping for all the finger and kiss marks on the mirrors!).

V smooch

We had to be strong and just accept it. Our dream weekend was coming to an end, and there was nothing we could do.  We forced ourselves to enjoy one last buffet breakfast. I felt irritated as I chatted to the chef who was personally preparing my bespoke omelette. I reluctantly piled my plate with freshly baked pastries and then trudged my way over to the fresh, tropical fruit that had been perfectly cut up and prepared into ready-made bite size pieces. I piled them on my plate.

I walked back to the table and slumped into my chair. Our waitress bought over the barista-made coffee’s we’d ordered, and I sat there, sipping my sweet, hot brew, knowing it too would come to an end and I’d miss it almost immediately. Finished it; Missed it. Trav then went on a tirade about how he’d missed out on his ready-made Eggs Benedict, cos a group of inconsiderate conference attendees had descended on the buffet and stolen them all. (It’s been 24 hours and he’s STILL not over it, but we’re working on it).

Family Snap

After we’d eaten all that we could, we dragged our over-stuffed, sorry asses back up to our suite. Once there, we lay on the day bed in the sunshine, reading the paper and admiring the ocean views. *Sigh*. Trav asked “Should we go for one last swim?”. Hey, why not? I thought. I squeezed into my togs (seems they shrank a size) and lathered myself in sunscreen as summer has arrived early, which just made the whole thing that much harder. We made our way to the newly re-furbed pool that was pre-heated to 29 degrees. Yep, you could walk straight into the water and not need to stand on your tippy toes or hold your breath.

As we swam about the giant lagoon-like pool, I glanced over at the swim-up bar where I’d just been enjoying Pina-Colada’s and Flying Hawaiian’s the day before. “Why isn’t the bar open?” I wondered out loud. “It’s only 9:30 in the morning….” Trav replied, also out loud. Kinda awkward, but I’m ok with it, I mean you know you’re on holidays when you think it’s completely acceptable to swim up and order a cocktail at 9:30 in the morning right?! (stop judging me).

Totally wish you were here!

After a while, suitably wrinkled and refreshed, we decided to exit the pool.  Trav and Violet decided to explore the tropical garden surrounds as I lay on the pool deck, drinking in the morning sun (no, it’s not the name of a cocktail…although if the bar had have been open I would have totally been on it!). I reminisced about the weekend that was quickly coming to an end: A romantic dinner with my husband of 2 years, frequent ransacking of the mini-bar, our delicious buffet breakfasts, cocktails by the pool, a spot of shopping (child-free!), coffees and strolls along the boardwalk, daytime napping (hallelujah!)…..we did it all. It was amazing! It was relaxing! And it was about to end. WAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Sheraton Mirage Living!

The depressing haze that was slowly descending got me thinking. Couldn’t we just be on holidays all of the time? Would we ever get sick of it? Would the novelty ever wear off? Couldn’t we just barricade our hotel room door and refuse to leave? After much thought, the answers rang in my head as follows: No, No, No, Yes, but we’d already eaten all the good stuff in the mini-bar so we’d likely starve. Bugger!

As we packed our bags and got ready to vacate our room (we did an express check-out so that the front desk staff didn’t have to deal with our full-blown attitude) we started to realise that our much anticipated long weekend was coming to a close, and that we had to come up a way to deal with the predictable low-lights that we knew would follow. The long drive home. The house that didn’t magically clean itself in our absence. The mounds of dirty washing. The empty fridge.

As I sit here, crying on the inside, I realise I still don’t have the answer.  Apparently ignoring the mountain of washing doesn’t help, and looking at our holiday photo’s depicting happier times also doesn’t seem to be working! I'm not leaving

So here’s my question: How do you deal with coming home after a lovely holiday? Do you suffer from the same post-holiday depression that we do? Got any tips on how to accept that your life no-longer involves a buffet breakfast every day? PLEASE HELP!

xx Marns

A little side note regarding depression: This post has been written (and therefore should be read) in a sarcastic tone however I thought it important to point out that real depression is no laughing matter.  If you or someone you know is suffering depression, help is available.  More information on depression and how to deal with it can is available through Beyond Blue

Throwback Thursday: When Marney met Trav

Happy Thursday Everyone!  It’s my second wedding anniversary on Friday (Naww!) and I’m planning to do a post on our lovely New York wedding to share with you all later, but first, I thought it was only polite to introduce you to Trav. He’s the bloke I’m momentarily neglecting to indulge in my new found hobby of blogging! So this little ‘Throwback Thursday’ post is dedicated to you my love! I think you’ll find I’ve painted you in a very positive light 😉

The year was 2006. Cars had just been introduced and the horse and carriage was slowly being phased out. There was also a brand new internet-based platform called MySpace sweeping the globe. All the cool kids had their own MySpace page that listed their favourite bands, friends, messages, etc. (It was the first Facebook, but MUCH cooler).  Mandatory to each MySpace page was a music player that blared your favourite song whenever someone landed on your page (My original song was by the Custom Kings, ‘Spin My Thread’).  I was still of an age where I was attending festivals and concerts and watching dodgy bands in seedy gig venues and music was like, totally my life, you know?

Marney's MySpace Profile Pic

This was my original MySpace profile pic. I know what you’re thinking – I haven’t aged a day since 2006. Thanks for saying so!

Anyways, I can’t remember exactly how Trav and I came across each other’s Myspace pages, but I do remember his profile picture quite clearly.  Trav was in Mexico, dressed in a sombrero and bad moustache, riding a donkey.  (Don’t believe me? evidence below!) I mean seriously, I know what you’re thinking: What girl could resist a stranger on the internet dressed like a dodgy Mexican? Clearly not this girl! Anyways, we chatted online regularly and bonded over our shared loves: music, sarcasm and hamburger recipes (or “HB recipes” as Trav referred to them: Trav loves a good abbreviation, and this obsession continues to this day. I’ll share more of those in a later post).

This was Trav's MySpace profile pic.  I know, right ladies?!

This was Trav’s MySpace profile pic. See what I mean? Irresistible!

Anywho, a few months later I was in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast to see a band at another classy establishment (The Cooly Hotel). Trav just happened to live up the road at the time so he came down to the Pub and we met in person for the first time.  What can I say, I saw him standing there from across the room. I was disappointed he wasn’t wearing the moustache and sombrero, and there wasn’t a donkey in sight.  Still, he was cute, and funny, and had a big tattoo on his arm, so when he offered to take me for some Macca’s drive-thru, I would’ve been crazy to say no, right?

From that moment on, we were pretty much inseparable. We bonded over our mutual likes: Hamburgers, Red Tulip Easter Eggs (or ‘RTEs’ – as Trav called them), Music (he introduced me to all the emo stuff, I introduced him to all the bluesy/rootsy stuff) and the beach.  We also bonded over our mutual hatred for seafood. Seriously, it was like a match made in heaven!

Our first date was at a pizza joint called Pancho’s (side note: The donkey in Trav’s profile pic was called Pancho! Fate much?!).  It was a little bit weird as we were friends first before dating, so we were both doing our best to act cool when Trav asked if he could take a photo of me at dinner. (Sorry, what?) He then explained that it was because his sister had text him and asked for a photo of me. Oh, well in that case, snap away! (WTF?) Now that I know his sister it totally makes sense (She’s hilarious and has no boundaries when it comes to this stuff!).  Then, to make things even more romantic, I thought I’d show off my sarcastic side by asking Trav where he’d bought his plaid shirt (which was actually very cool) and whether he’d borrowed it from his Dad.  Apparently he didnt think that was funny, and he still brings that comment up to this day.

Another of our first dates involved us watching a movie together. I got to pick, and Trav still names ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ as one of his all-time favourite movies!  I knew any guy who could sit through such a movie and feign interest was a keeper, and you’ll be pleased to know that I still insist on him sitting through tragic Rom Coms to this day, however he no longer feigns interest.

Perhaps one of my favourite early memories of us was when Trav and I were hanging out in his room, and I told him how impressed I was with the way he’d styled his bedroom. It was neat and organised, and looked like something out of a cool interiors magazine.  He started to explain some of the cool nick-hacks and objects he’d picked up on his travels, and showed me this fancy shelf-thing that was holding some of his DVD’s on the wall.

I still clearly remember how he sauntered over to the shelf and was explaining the difficulties involved in hanging it correctly. He proudly boasted that he’d managed to hang it all on his own. Literally, at that very moment, that shelf slid sharply to the right on the wall. The DVD’s went sliding off the wall. At that moment, Trav looked at me for a split-second, and then the entire shelf came crashing down to the floor on top of his DVD’s.  I lost it! It was like the whole thing had been staged. I probably laughed for about 3 days. (I actually LOL’d as I typed this). Poor Trav later explained to me that the shelf in question had actually been on the wall for like a year, with no sign of movement or issue. That story still makes me laugh to this day.

Trav taking me to a Rockabilly concert.  Let's just say I kind of stood out in my bright yellow peasant top.

Trav taking me to my first Rockabilly concert. Let’s just say I kind of stood out in my bright yellow peasant top…I haven’t been to another Rockabilly concert since.

Seven-ish years later not much has changed.  Trav is still making me laugh everyday. He’s still got his own sense of style and still abbreviates things just to be annoying. Oh, and he still puts stuff up on the walls that falls down sometimes.

Isn’t it crazy how quickly the years fly by!?  Do you remember what you were doing in 2006? Perhaps you were you also dating dodgy Mexican-dressed men you’d stumbled across on the internet?

xo Marns
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